Questions & Answers


Q: Which one should I order for my bike?

A:  Review our application chart (Excel) or application chart (.pdf file) - if it doesn't answer your question email us!

Q: What colors does the Tugger™ strap come in?

A: Black, black and black. We tried orange (KTM) red (Honda) and blue (Yamaha) but black stays looking good the longest. We are striving for a product that not only works well for a long time, but also looks good for a long time, and black turned out to be the best.

Q: How fast do you process orders?

Stealth orders (without custom embroidery) usually ship the next day, unless we're out riding.  We usually do embroidery runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  So if you order Tuesday morning, your Tugger won't be embroidered until Thursday and ship on Friday. If you order Monday night, chances are your Tugger will make Tuesday's embroidery run and ship on Wednesday.

Q: What if I break my Tugger?  Will you replace it under warranty?

A: Absolutely - no questions asked! Just send the broken one to us at Highline Recreation, PO Box 6176, North Logan, UT 84341-6176 and we'll send you a replacement for FREE.  We don't care where you bought it, how you broke it (even if you used it to tow your buddy out of the woods or some other crazy thing that they're really not made for) or how long you've had it or how many bikes it's been on.  You don't need an RMA or anything like that, either.  Just send it to us with your address and you will get a replacement in the mail ASAP!

Q: Where are your products made?

A: The Style 2 Extreme Enduro, Style 3-4, Style 5, Style 6, Bar Savers, and Tow Lines are made in Logan, Utah, USA. The Style 1 Extreme Enduro and Style 2 Original are made by a high-quality factory in China that also makes infant car seats and other strictly-regulated products used in the U.S. and around the world.

Q:  What's the deal with the custom embroidery?

A: We can embroider about any text you want on your Tugger, up to roughly 12 characters, and in about any color, for $6 extra.  Our customers continue to make us chuckle with this option - some of our favorites:

     Be Happy                            My Therapy                            My 4 Play

     Lift Here                             This Side Up                           Let's Ride

     Let's Roll                            Hammer Time                         Grab This

     Log Hopper                        Mountain Goat                        Ohh Shit

     Help Me                              Dirt Junkie                              Old N Broken

     Blondee                              SueEmAll                                Ass Here

     Orange Crush                     YCHJCYAD                              Duckula

     Singletracker                       Don't Touch

NOTE!  Sometimes the embroidery isn't exactly centered on the strap, but we do our best.  See the photo at the bottom of the page for an example of one that wasn't centered vertically. Also, the more characters you have, the smaller the font. The on-line ordering system limits it to 12 characters; if you really want more than that, just email us.

Q: Can I use the Tugger™ to tow my buddy's bike or secure my bike to the trailer?

A: The Tugger™'s only recommended use is momentary manual lifting of the rear, or front wheel. We are not responsible for consequences incurred as a result of any other use.  The Tugger™ is strong enough for its intended purpose, yet lightweight and small to be out of the way when you're not using it.


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